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My name is Olga and embroidery is my big love.
I have been embroidering since I was 10 years old.
At first these were simple cross-stitch paintings, now these are brooches in various techniques.
I have an art education and I really love to choose colors and materials for my works.
I will gladly fulfill any of your orders or wishes. I take my work and my client very seriously and responsibly, and I think that you will be satisfied with the quality of the services provided.
Proud of products
For jewelry use expensive high-quality accessories, beads and pearls from leading companies
Offer a stylish design of jewelry that will approach for any style
All products are created by hand and made with care and love
Incredible customers
Veronica Levy
Stylish blogger and mom of wonderful girls
I'm so so glad!!!:) I got so many messages about people loving your beautiful work!
Brittney Ventura
Style and food blogger and just a queen
OH GREAT!!! I adore your pieces Olga! I tell everyone about you and your shop!
Jenny Gianakis
Style blogger and shop owner of vintage bags
It is just so beautiful and worth the wait. You are so talented and I am so grateful for the beautiful piece and hand written note. I will definitely be ordering another from you
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